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This course is to make individual understanding of the beauty of Design of Experiment methodology that can be effectively identified which process factors affect output to achieve optimization.  It help to minimize the many variables changed in a planned manner in order to come out with the most optimal values for such variable thereby saving time and cost.  Individual will experience setting up, running, and analysing the results of simple-to-intermediate complexity, Full Factorial and Partial Factorial experiments utilizing a hands-on computer tool that facilitates experimental design and data analysis.  This course will also include the use of the Minitab™ software tool for analysing data.


Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)


Course Content:

  • Introduction to and preparation of DOE
    • What is and why conduct DOE?
    • Type of experiment
    • Review basic statistical tools
  • Planning for effective experiment
    • Steps of DOE
    • Concept of replication, randomization, blocking, center point
  • Full Factorial
    • 2K factorial
    • DOE roadmap
    • Factor, level and response
    • Main, interaction, contour, surface and cube plot
    • Case studying
  • Factional Factorial
    • Screening design
    • Alias relationship
    • Design resolution
    • Saturated design
    • Case studying
  • DOE success factors

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Mr. Wilson Ang holds a B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from The Ohio State University, USA; EMBA from Shenzhen University, PRC and MBA from Wawasan Open University. He is also a Certified Lead Assessor by Bureau Veritas, an experienced and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, has more than 20 years of experience in quality engineering in manufacturing environment. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the practical applications of Quality Methodologies due to his various appointments as Industrial Engineer, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Six Sigma Manager and Supplier Quality Manager with multi-national companies in both China and Malaysia. Wilson Ang has trained and coached more than 100 engineers on Six Sigma methodology, DOE, SPC, FMEA, MSA, Poka Yoke and 8D Problem Solving Techniques. With his strong practical background, he is dedicated, committed and highly effective in providing tailor-made and practical solutions to his clients using the most appropriate methodologies. He is a certified trainer by HRDF through the Train the Trainer Exemption scheme due to his extensive track record in training.
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