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This course is to introduce a systematic way to error-proof processes, stimulate creative thinking about making it impossible to make mistakes and prepare you to eliminate real-life recurring problems for good.  Poka yoke is a Japanese phrase that translates to error prevention. A “poka” is an “inadvertent error,” and “yokeru” is Japanese for “preventing.”  The idea behind is to make it nearly impossible to make mistakes before they occur. It was developed in the sixties of the previous century by Shigeo Shingo, a Japanese engineer at the Toyota car factory. Toyota is still the most famous multinational business using poka yoke today, although poka yoke is commonly known outside Japan as error or mistake proofing.


Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)


Course Content:

  • Changing trends in production and quality improvement
  • Defect free production
  • What is Poka-Yoke or Mistake Proofing or Error Proofing?
  • Where do mistakes come from?
  • Human errors: common mistakes in production
    • where and when to look for mistakes
    • finding the mistakes
  • How to Mistake-Proof?
    • purpose
    • outcome
    •  compulsory & discretionary action
    • method & devices for poka-yoke
    • different categorization of Poka-Yoke systems: A, B and C
  • Application of Poka-Yoke
    • design – built-in error proof features
    • process – shut down control and warning systems
    • production – using the suitable Poka-Yoke devices to detect and avoid problem
    • service – mistake proof the ‘experience’
  • Practical, feasible and cost effective mistake-proofing
  • Mistake-proofing steps
    • identify problem
    • priorities problem
    •  find the root cause
    • create solutions
    •  measure the results
  • FMEA and Poke-Yoke
  • Zero Defects and the Role of Management


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Mr. Wilson Ang holds a B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from The Ohio State University, USA; EMBA from Shenzhen University, PRC and MBA from Wawasan Open University. He is also a Certified Lead Assessor by Bureau Veritas, an experienced and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, has more than 20 years of experience in quality engineering in manufacturing environment. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the practical applications of Quality Methodologies due to his various appointments as Industrial Engineer, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Six Sigma Manager and Supplier Quality Manager with multi-national companies in both China and Malaysia. Wilson Ang has trained and coached more than 100 engineers on Six Sigma methodology, DOE, SPC, FMEA, MSA, Poka Yoke and 8D Problem Solving Techniques. With his strong practical background, he is dedicated, committed and highly effective in providing tailor-made and practical solutions to his clients using the most appropriate methodologies. He is a certified trainer by HRDF through the Train the Trainer Exemption scheme due to his extensive track record in training.
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